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Janie Chapman


Welcome to my website.

In my photography I attempt to reflect the moods and beauty of the world around me and draw inspiration from around the coast and countryside of the British Isles. I prefer to take place rather than people and am particularly drawn to water and the play of light on and through water. I enjoy experimenting with different camera techniques as I am always looking for the slightly unusual or different perspective.

Increasingly I am drawn to intentional camera movement ,

multiple exposures and long exposures to create images that do not exist in real time and therefore cannot be documented but which show that the camera can be used as a creative tool to express emotion and demand interpretation.

I prefer to get images right in camera, but now I am increasingly doing more and more post-processing to get the effects I want. In addition I print my own images and get a real buzz out of discovering the
differing effects that using different papers can bring.

I am an active member of my local camera club 'Aperture Photography Group' and 'The Royal Photographic Society.' 


I hope that you enjoy my images.

Best wishes

Janie Chapman LRPS​

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